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UGC-NET 2018: (C Programming Language) SpeedTest Quiz 23

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Question 1

A Three dimensional array in ‘C’ is declared as int A[x][y][z]. Here, the address of an item at the location A[p][q][r] can be computed as follows (where w is the word length of an integer):

Question 2

The Default Parameter Passing Mechanism is called as

Question 3

Consider the program below in a hypothetical programming language which allows global variables and a choice of static or dynamic scoping
int i;
program main( )
   i = 10;
   call f ( );
procedure f( )
  int i = 20;
  call g ( );
procedure g( )
 print i;

Let x be the value printed under static scoping and y be the value printed under dynamic scoping. Then x and y are

Question 4

Consider the following program:
int i, inp;
float x, term = 1, sum = 0;
scanf(“%d %f”, &inp, & x);
for (i = 1; i < = inp; i ++)
term = term * x/i;
sum = sum + term;
Printf(“Result = %f\n”, sum);
The program computes the sum of which of the following series?

Question 5

Which of the following does not represent a valid storage class in ‘c’?

Question 6

Match the most closely related terms–

Question 7

Consider the following C program:

The number of times printf statement is executed is_________.

Question 8

Predict the output for the following C program:

Question 9

What does the following fragment of C program print?
char x[] = ”JSHAKZAAOHE”;
char *y = x;

Question 10

Find the error in the following code
#include <stdio.h>
int a=6;
static int b=a;
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