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Question 1

‘K’ can do 3/4th of a work in 6 days and ‘J’ can do 2/5th of the same work in 4 days. How long (in days) will they take, if they work together to finish the work?

Question 2

A and B, working together, can complete a work in “d” days. Working alone, A takes (8 + d) days and B takes (18 + d) days to complete the same work. A works for 4 days. The remaining work will be completed by B alone, in:

Question 3

A, B and C together can finish a task in 7.5 days. C is thrice as efficient as A. B alone can do the task in 15 days. In how many days can A and C do the job if B goes on leave?

Question 4

Girish can paint a picture in 4 days when he works for 8 hours per day. Due to illness, he could work for only 6 hours per day and was required to finish painting 7 such pictures. How many days would Girish take to finish the work?

Question 5

To do a certain work, the ratio of efficiencies of A and B is 3 : 7, working together, they can complete a work in 14 days. B started the work and after working for 8 days, he left and A completed the remaining work. For how many days did A work?

Question 6

Two pipes A and B can fill an empty tank in 10 hours and 15 hours respectively. Pipe C alone can empty the completely filled tank in 12 hours. First both pipes A and B are opened and after 5 hours pipe C is also opened. What is the total time (in hours) in which the tank will be filled?

Question 7

Krishna and Raghu can plough a field in 8 days while Krishnan alone can do it in 12 days. Krishnan and Raghu take up ploughing three fields of equal dimensions namely field1, field2, field3. Initially, Krishnan ploughs field1 while Raghu ploughs field2. Once Krishnan completes field1, he takes a break for 20 days while Raghu works continuously and starts field3 once he completes ploughing the field2. Later, both of them join together and work on the field3. In how many days, can they can complete the taken task?

Question 8

Nitin is five times as efficient as mohit. If both can complete the work in 30 days. In how many days nitin alone can complete the work?

Question 9

A is thrice as good a workman as B. C alone takes 48 days to paint a house. All three A, B and C working together take 16 days to paint the house. It will take how many days for B alone to paint the house?

Question 10

A can do 1/3rd of a job in 3 days and B can do half of the job in 9 days. If they work on it together, then in how many days can they finish half of the job?
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