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Question 1

A, B and C can separately complete a work in 12, 15 and 20 days, respectively. They worked together 4 days. What will be the remaining work?

Question 2

Ankita can write a manuscript in 20 days. Ankita, along her friend Somya, can write the manuscript in 12 days. In how many days can Somya alone write the manuscript?

Question 3

Reena, Veena and Vimla can do a work in 4 h, 8 h and 12 h respectively. In how much time will they finish the work working together?

Question 4

Raju, Shobh and Mohan can do a work in 15 days, 20 days and 25 days respectively. In how many days, will the work be finished, if they do it on alternate days?

Question 5

P1 alone can do of the work in 8 days. P2 alone can do  of the work in 14 days. P3 alone can do  of the work in 16 days. In how many days can they complete the work, if all three work together?

Question 6

Param can do a piece of work alone in 24 hours, and Charan can do the same work alone in 30 hours. If they work together, what fraction of the work can they complete in 1 hour?

Question 7

In an office, a typing work can be finished by Monika in 6 hours, Anita in 8 hours and Manju in 5 hours if they work alone. How much time (in hours) will they take if they work together?

Question 8

Working 5 hours a day, A can complete a task in 8 days and working 6 hours a day, B can finish the same task in 10 days. working 8 hours a day, they can jointly complete the task in ________.

Question 9

15 men can complete a work in 25 days, and 25 women can complete the same work in 40 days. If all the 15 men and 25 women work together, in how many days will the work get completed?

Question 10

A’s efficiency is twice that of B's. A can work only for 8 hours a day while B can work for 12 hours a day. If A can finish a work in 12 days, in how many days can B finish the same work?
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