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Teaching & Research Quiz for UGC NET Exam

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Question 1

Below are given two columns. Column-A lists methods of teaching and Column-B lists the focus of a method. Match Column-A with Column-B.

Select your answer from the options given below:

Question 2

In order to promote direct learning which of the following methods would be best suited?

Question 3

Which is the characteristic of formative evaluation?

Question 4

‘Cone of Experience’ related to teaching-learning was suggested by

Question 5

Which of the following characteristics is not true about Research?

Question 6

Artifacts that arise and affect the internal validity in research are:
(a) History
(b) Randomisation
(c) Maturity
(d) Instrumentation
(e) Experimental mortality
(f) Matching

Question 7

During research, while recording observation if an observer rates an individual based on the rating given in another aspect of the interaction, this is termed as the:

Question 8

The formulation of a research problem can be compared to:

Question 9

What are the elements of evaluation plan?

(a) Purpose

(b) Resources

(c) Analysis

(d) Authority

Select the correct answer from the options given below:

Question 10

Think-aloud procedure is:
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