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Teaching Aptitude Quiz for IPU B.Ed. Entrance Exam

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Question 1

In comparing lectures and developmental lessons, all of the following are true except :

Question 2

Of the following, the situation that will cause the greatest difficulty for a child in the initial stages of reading instruction is

Question 3

Teachers are likely to play an intelligent role in curriculum improvement when they

Question 4

The parent of a fourth grader refuses to give permission to her child to go on a class trip. The teacher should, first of all

Question 5

Most educators agree that oral reading

Question 6

Of the following, the most unreliable predictor of educational achievement is

Question 7

The trial-and-error method of instruction is best enhanced by

Question 8

A quiet reserved fourth grader brings roadmaps to school and looks at them, whenever he gets a chance. The teacher should

Question 9

A non-traditional method of education is

Question 10

Nowadays, students get an education through the Internet. This has become a Common practice in the West. Should this practice be adopted in India?
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