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Teaching Aptitude Quiz for B.Ed Entrance Exam

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Question 1

Group test that have norms for each grade and that are administered in accordance with uniform procedures listed in a mammal of instruction is called

Question 2

The informal textbook test is

Question 3

A lesson, in which examples are given first and then, students are told to delineate a general rule or principle, is known as a/an

Question 4

Who is considered to be the creator of the play-way method of education?

Question 5

The project education method of teaching is associated with

Question 6

According to the Dalton Scheme of education; which one of the following is dominant?

Question 7

All of the following advocated principles of child development are closely allied to the stimulus-response learning theory, except

Question 8

School-based assessment was introduced to

Question 9

Which one of the following statements is true about ability and ability grouping?

Question 10

Who had proposed project method in learning?
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