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Teaching Aptitude Question for B.Ed Entrance Exam

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Question 1

Nowadays, practical experiments, tours, audio-visual presentations and live examples are used in abundance to teach students. Do you think that these new techniques are useful?

Question 2

In today's schools, oral reading -

Question 3

Nowadays, students get an education through the Internet. This has become a Common practice in the West. Should this practice be adopted in India?

Question 4

A non-traditional method of education is

Question 5

The radical educational reformist, who advocated the concept of de-schooling of the society, was

Question 6

In comparing lectures and developmental lessons, all of the following are true except :

Question 7

Of the following, the situation that will cause the greatest difficulty for a child in the initial stages of reading instruction is

Question 8

Of the following, the most unreliable predictor of educational achievement is

Question 9

Teachers are likely to play an intelligent role in curriculum improvement when they

Question 10

“The schools of the future will be organized along more flexible lines to permit students to move at their own rate rather than remain in fixed groups.” Of the following, the one that is not an example of this philosophy is
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