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Target Mission 67th BPSC: Mughal Architecture

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Question 1

The Mughal style of architecture was started by which Mughal Emperor?

Question 2

Which Mughal emperor’s period is known as golden period of Indian architecture?

Question 3

The central towering dome and the tall gateway was important aspect of Mughal architecture. It was first visible in

Question 4

Indo-Islamic Architecture is also known as?

Question 5

Which of the following statement (s) is incorrect with respect to Mughal Architecture?

1. Mughal architecture reached its zenith under Jahangir.

2. Akbar mausoleum at Sikandara was built by his grandson Shah Jahan.

3. Shalimar Garden in Kashmir was laid on the order of Shah Jahan.


Question 6

Consider the following about Mughal architecture:
1). Shahjahan’s reign was the Golden age in Mughal architecture and he was called the Engineer and the Architect for his technical perfection.
2). A new technique called Petra durra (inlaid mosaic work) was introduced for the first time under Shahjahan.
Which of the above is/are correct?

Question 7

Consider the following statements with respect to the architectural concept of ‘double dome’:

1)It allows a bigger dome to be built with a smaller one inside.

2)The ‘Taj Mahal’ was the first example of usage of double the Mughal architecture.

3)Mughal were to introduce this architectural concept into the Indian architecture.

Which of the statements give above is/are incorrect?

Question 8

Mughal painting reached its zenith under

Question 9

The foundation of the Mughal painting was laid by—

Question 10

Consider the following statements with respect to the mughal school of painting:

1) The Mughal School of painting originated in the reign of Akbar in 1560 A.D.

2) Mughal style of painting is primarily aristocratic and secular.

Which of the statements given above is/are correct?

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