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Target 67th BPSC/CDPO: Union Budget (केंद्रीय बजट)

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Question 1

When the annual Union Budget is not passed by the LokSabha?

Question 2

Union Budget is always presented first in _________?

Question 3

Union Budget, which is presented every year in the parliament, is also known as

Question 4

Which document is known as the core of the union budget?

Question 5

While multiple departments work together to produce the Union Budget, name the nodal body responsible for producing the budget.

Question 6

Union Budget and Railway Budget of India were merged in which year?

Question 7

Who presents the Union budget of India in the parliament?

Question 8

In which year, the first Gender Budget Statement appeared in the Union Budget of India?

Question 9

SANKALP which was introduced in Union Budget stands for?

Question 10

The first Union Budget of Independent India was presented in which year?
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