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Study-Plan UPSC History Mini-Mock 4

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Question 1

On Aurangzeb’s death, his three sons fought among themselves for the throne and Bahadur shah emerged victorious. Consider the following statements about him and choose the correct statement(s):
1) He granted Marathas Chauth of the Deccan but he failed to grant them sardeshmukhi.
2) He recognized Shahu as the rightful Maratha King.
3) The position of state finances worsened as a result of his reckless grants of jagirs and Promotions.

Question 2

Consider the following regarding the nawabs of Bengal:
1) Murshid Quli Khan granted taccavi to poor cultivators.
2) In choosing revenue farmers, Murshid Quli Khan gave preference to local zamidars and mahajans, who were mainly Hindus.
3) Alivardi Khan permit the English and the French to fortify their factories in Calcutta and Chandernagore.
Choose the correct statement(s):

Question 3

The following statements are related to the Sikhs in the eighteenth century.
1) The transformation of the Sikhs into a militant fighting community was began by Guru Gobind Singh.
2) The Sikhs were organized into 12 misls.
3) These misls fully cooperated with each other
Select the correct statement(s):

Question 4

Choose the incorrect from the following:
1) Portugal established her trading settlements at Cochin, Goa, Diu and Daman.
2) Fransisco de Almada founded the idea of Portuguese empire in India and further encouraged conversions.
3) A Portuguese company was formed in 1599 under a group of merchants known as Merchant Adventure.

Question 5

The English opened their first factory in the south at:

Question 6

Taking into consideration the parliamentary acts of British India, choose the correct code:
1) Pitt’s India Act was the first important parliamentary act regarding company’s affairs.
2) It established Board of control
3) By the Charter Act of 1813, the trade monopoly of the company in India and China was ended.

Question 7

Consider the following statements:
1) Permanent settlement was introduced in Bengal and Bihar in 1793 by Lord Cornwallis.
2) The drain of wealth from Bengal began in 1764 after battle of Buxar.
Which of the above is/are incorrect?

Question 8

Match the following facts regarding 1857 Revolt

Select the correct code:

Question 9

Considering the following statements regarding the revolt of 1857:
1) The main cause of the failure was the lack of coordination among the leaders.
2) There was one common objective of the revolt.
3) The revolt did not spread to south India.

Which of the statements given above is/are correct?

Question 10

Which of the following is/are correctly matched?
1) Young Bengal Movement- Debendranath Tagore, Keshab Chandra Sen
2) Prarthana Samaj- Atmaram Pandurag, Justice Ranade
3) Atmiya Sabha- Raja Ram Mohan Roy
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