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Study-Plan UPSC History Mini-mock 1

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Question 1

Consider the following statements, with respect to the prehistoric period.
I. Stone implements in the Paleolithic or Old Stone Age were made up of hard rock known as quartzite.
II. The use of bow and arrow began in the Mesolithic or Middle Stone Age.
III. The Neolithic Stone Age saw the introduction of Burial of the dead.
Choose the incorrect statement.

Question 2

Choose the correct statements.
I. The large-scale use of burnt bricks in almost all kinds of constructions and the minor-scale use of stone buildings are the important characteristics of the Harappan culture.
II. Complete burial and post-cremation burial were popular at Mohenjodaro. Wooden coffins were also found at Harappa.

Question 3

With reference to the Rig Vedic society, consider the following statements.
I. The Rig Vedic society was patriarchal.
II. There were child marriages, however, the practice of Sati was absent.
III. Gold coins called nishka were used as media of exchange in large transactions.
Choose the correct statement(s).

Question 4

Choose the correct statement.
I. Mahavira organized Sangha to spread his teachings for the monks only.
II. Mahavira admitted both men and women in the Sangha.

Question 5

Match the following.
List I
I. First Buddhist Council
II. Second Buddhist Council
III. Third Buddhist Council
IV. Fourth Buddhist Council
List II
a) Mahakasapa
b) Kalasoka
c) Vasumitra
d) Asoka

Question 6

Match the following.
I. Kosala
II. Vatsa
III. Avanti
IV. Anga
a) Champa
b) Ujjain
c) Kausambi
d) Ayodhya

Question 7

Choose the correct pair:
I. Adyakshas: Revenue Department
II. Samharta: Department of Commerce and Industry
III. Senapati: Military Department

Question 8

Consider the following statements.
I. The details of Asoka’s war with Kalinga is given in the Kalinga Edict.
II. The XIII Rock Edicts gives a summary of his efforts to promote the Dhamma within his kingdom.
Choose the incorrect statement(s).

Question 9

Which of the following is correct regarding Sangam Age?

Question 10

Consider the following statements.
I. The most important source for the reign of Samudragupta is the Mehrauli Pillar inscription.
II. The famous Chinese pilgrim Huien Tsang visited India during the reign of Chandragupta II.
Choose the correct statement(s).
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