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Static GK Quiz II Law Entrance Exam II 21.06.2022

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Question 1

Hawa Mahal was contructed by-

(A) Maharaja Bhagwat Singh

(B) Maharaja Jagjeet Singh

(C) Maharaja Sawal Pratap Singh

(D) Maharaja Jaswant Singh

Question 2

The memorial place of lal Bhadur Shastri is _______.

Question 3

Who was the first person to talk in space?

(A) Neil Armstrong

(B) Rakesh Sharma

(C) Alexei Leonov

(D) Johannes Kepler

Question 4

Who was the first Pilgrim to visit India?

Question 5

Statue of Lord Bahubali (religious guru of Jains) is also known by the name of ______.

(A) Statue of Gomateshwara

(B) Statue of Udayagiri

(C) Statue of Borobudur

(D) Statue of Pavapuri

Question 6

Who was the chief architect of Indian Parliament situated in New Delhi

(A) Sir Edwin Lutens and Sir Herbert Baker

(B) Duke of Connaught

(C) Sir John Archer and Sir Edward Batley

(D) Sir Claude Batley and Sir John Begg)

Question 7

The Golden Chariot is run by which state rail tourism?

Question 8

Kuchipudi originated from

(A) Andhra Pradesh

(B) Tamil Nadu

(C) Odisha

(D) Kerala

Question 9

National Science Day falls on

(A) 26th February

(B) 27th February

(C) 28th February

(D) 29th February

Question 10

Indian Institute of science is situated at-

(A) Kanpur

(B) Bangalore

(C) Mumbai

(D) Chennai

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