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Static Gk for IBPS Exams: Part 71

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Question 1

International Day of Women and Girls in Science is observed globally on which date?

Question 2

The National Deworming Day is observed on which date every year by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare?

Question 3

The World Pulses is observed globally on which date every year?

Question 4

The annual Kala Ghoda Arts Festival (KGAF) 2020 was celebrated in ______.

Question 5

As part of the Republic Day 2020 celebrations, which of the following city is hosting the ‘Bharat Parv’ festival?

Question 6

The 5th edition of Science Film Festival of India (SCI-FFI 2020) was held in which city of India?

Question 7

What is the Capital and Currency of Portugal?

Question 8

What is the Capital and Currency of Ethiopia?

Question 9

What is the capital of Mozambique?

Question 10

What is the currency of Greece?

Question 11

Union Minister of North Eastern Development Dr Jitendra Singh chairs a meeting to fast-track the implementation of Ujh Multipurpose (National) Project, the project is being built in which state/UTs?

Question 12

Atal tunnel, a highway tunnel, is being built between ____.

Question 13

Ujh multipurpose dam project is being built on Ujh river which is tributary of:

Question 14

Abohar Wildlife Sanctuary is located in which state?

Question 15

Lippa Asrang wildlife sanctuary is in which of the following states?

Question 16

Mahe, the smallest district is in which of the following states/UTs?

Question 17

Indira Sagar dam is located in which Indian State/City?

Question 18

Numaligarh Refinery Plant is in which state______.

Question 19

Which National park has become the largest habitat of the endangered estuarine crocodiles in India?

Question 20

Raja Bhoj Airport is located in which of the following cities?
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