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Static GK for IBPS Exams: Part 42

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Question 1

Manganiyars community of folk musicians are belong to which of the following Indian state?

Question 2

Sagar Festival is being celebrated in which of the following State of India?

Question 3

The traditional Bonderam festival celebrated in which state______.

Question 4

The historical annual ‘Manimahesh Yatra’ is celebrated in which of the following state?

Question 5

‘Ugadi’ is celebrated as the new year in which of the followings states?

Question 6

The extinct bird Elektorornis chenguangi had which of the following features?

Question 7

The first Brahmo Samaj was founded in 1861 at Lahore by

Question 8

For the GST council, who among the following serves as its Chairperson?

Question 9

Mount Kinabalu is the highest mountain of which of the following countries ?

Question 10

The Chagos Islands is located in ____.

Question 11

The island of Socotra is a part of which of the following countries?

Question 12

‘Paper Boat’ company is famous for which product?

Question 13

Who has created ‘Jarvis’ an artificial intelligence system?

Question 14

Which among the following is the World’s largest Wetland System?

Question 15

In 1972, Amar Jawan Jyoti was inaugurated by which leader?

Question 16

Champaner-Pavagadh Archaeological Park is a UNESCO World Heritage Site located in which state?

Question 17

Which amongthe following lakes is known as the "lake district of India"?

Question 18

Namdapha national park is situated in______.

Question 19

Mahe, the smallest district is in which of the following states/UTs?

Question 20

The International Day for the Eradication of Poverty is observed every year on which date?
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