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Question 1

A, B, C, D, E, F are sitting on the round table with equal distances. F is sitting opposite to E and between A and D. C is sitting on the immediate right side of E and opposite to A. Who are the neighbours of A?

Question 2

The age of Kavita is same as Pooja as they are twins, Joey is younger than Pooja, Krish is younger than Pinki but elder than Vikki, Kavita is younger than Vikki. Who is the eldest among them all?

Question 3

In a row of boys, Shiv is 7th from the left and Saurabh is 9th from the right. When they exchange their positions, Shiv becomes 15th from left. What will be the Saurabh’s new position from right?

Question 4

In a class of 100 students, Rashi is on 27th position from top and Ravi’s position is 49th from the bottom. Manish is 20place below Rashi. What is the position of Manish from bottom end?

Question 5

Seema's younger brother Sohan is older than Seeta. Sweta is younger than Deepti but elder than Seema. Who is the eldest ?

Question 6

Raj is sitting on 15th place from right end and Roma is sitting on 29th place from left end. If they interchange their places Raj becomes 21st from right end then what is number of students?

Question 7

In a group of 180 students respective ratio of number of boys and number of girls is 4:5. 25% boys and 40% girls are failed. If Pintu got 15th place among passed boys and overall 24th place in the group then how many passed girls are below Pintu?

Question 8

Ramesh is 5th from right end and Yogesh is 15th from left end. If they interchange their places Yogesh becomes 24th from left end then what is number of students ?

Question 9

Barun is taller than Sanjay. Bipul is taller than Barun. Krishna is also not as tall as Bipul, but is taller than Barun. Who is the tallest?

Question 10

Madhavi and Shalini are good in Dramatics and Computer Science. Anjana and Madhavi are good in Computer Science and Physics. Anjana, Purnima and Nirmala are good in Physics and History. Nirmala and Agana are good in Physics and Maths. Purnima and Shalini are good in History and Dramatics.
Who is good in Physics, Dramatics and Computer Science?
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