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Question 1

In seven persons Ram, Ranjan, Raj, Rakesh, Raman, Raju and Rishav, Raju is elder than Raman who is younger than Raj. Raj is elder than Ranjan but younger than Ram. Rakesh is younger than Raman but elder than Ranjan. Rishav is elder tan Raju. Who is youngest between them?

Question 2

In five cities A is more populated than B which is less populated then E.D is more populated than E but not as populated as A.C is less populated than B. Which city has highest population?

Question 3

Pearl Towers is taller than Sky Towers but shorter than Unity Towers. Unity Towers and Cyber Towers are of same height. Pearl Towers is shorter than Indus Towers. Amongst the buildings, who is the second shortest?

Question 4

In a group of 500 students respective ratio of number of boys and number of girls is 3:2. 30% boys and 40% girls are passed. If Golu got 20th place among passed boys and overall 64th place in the group then how many passed students are below golu?

Question 5

X is 39th from right end and Y is 19th from left end. If they interchange their places Y becomes 25th from left end then what is number of students?

Question 6

In a class, Karthik's rank is 17th from the top and 28th from the bottom. How many students are there in the class?

Question 7

Lakshmi is elder than Meenu. Leela is elder than Meenu but younger than Lakshmi. Latha is younger than both Meenu and Hari but Hari is younger than Meenu. Who is the youngest?

Question 8

Barun is taller than Sanjay, Bipul is taller than Barun. Krishna is also not as tall as bipul, but is taller than Barun. Whio is the tallest?

Question 9

In a row of students Ganesh is 7th from one extreme and 11th from the other. Find the total numbers of students in the row.

Question 10

A, B, C, D, and E are five rivers. A is shorter than B but longer than E. C is one longest and D is little shorter than B and little longer than A. Which is the shortest river?
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