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SSC Reasoning Quiz. Distance and direction : 13.04.2018

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Question 1

From point A, Ram moves 100 m in north ­east direction, he again turns and moves 100m in south ­east direction. He again turns and covers 100m south ­ west and finally covers 100m in north ­west direction. Where is he now with respect to A?

Question 2

Arjun is facing south, then he turns 45 ° right and goes 50 m, then turns north-west to move 50 m and from there 50 m to west. In which direction/place is he from his original place ?

Question 3

Phil walks 6km North then 8km west then 6km North and then 8 km west. Jemma runs 16km North then 12km west starting from the point where Phil finished. How far away are Phil and Jemma?

Question 4

Sanmitra walks 4 km towards the north, turns right and walks 5 km Then he turns towards south and walks 2 km Again he takes a turn towards west walks 3 km and stops for a while. Then he further walks 2 km in the same direction. At what distance is now Sanmitra from the starting point?

Question 5

I am facing South. I turn right and walk 20 m. Then I turn right again and walk 10 m. Then I turn left and walk 10m and then turning right walk 20 m. Then I turn right again and walk 60 m. In which direction am I from the starting point?

Question 6

To reach her office Donna has to go 13km north then 3km east then 16km north then 4km east then 10km South then 5km North and then 3km east. How far away is her office from the starting point?

Question 7

After walking 10 m, Shankar turned left and covered a distance of 6 m. In the end, he turned right and covered 20 m and was moving towards the south. where was he facing when he started journey ?

Question 8

Shyam was facing East. He walked 5 km forward and then after turning to his right walked 3 km. Again he tuned to his right and walked 4 kms. Which direction was he facing at that time?

Question 9

 Ram and Shyam started from a fixed place. Ram moves 3 km to the North and turns right, then walks 4 km. Shyam moves towards West and walks 5 km, then turns to right and walks 3 km. How far Ram is from Shyam?

Question 10

A man leaves for his office from his house. He walks towards East. After moving a distance of 20 m, he turns South and walks 10m. Then he walks 35m towards the West and further 5m towards the North. He then turns towards East and walks 15m. What is the straight distance (in metres) between his initial and final positions?
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