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SSC Quiz on Time, Work and Wages 20.03.2018

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Question 1

A can complete a piece of work in 12 days. B is 60% more efficient than A. The number of days. That B will take to complete the same work, is

Question 2

A piece of work can be done by Ram and Shyam in 12 days, by Shyam and Hari in 15 days and by Hari and Ram in 20 days. Ram alone will complete the work in

Question 3

The wages of labors in a factory has increased in the ratio 22:25 and their number decreased in the ratio 3:2. What was the original wage bill of the factory, if the present bill is Rs. 5000?

Question 4

Sunita can do a piece of work in 6 h and Kavita alone can do it in 8 h. Sunita and Kavita under took to do it for Rs. 320. With the help of Geetanjali, they finished it in 3 h. How much is paid to Geetanjali?

Question 5

Adi and Vina can do a piece of work in 15 days while Vina and Shyam can do the same work in 12 days and Shyam and Adi in 20 days. They all work together for 2 days then Vina and Shyam left. How many days more will Adi take to finish the work?

Question 6

If 3 men or 4 women can plough a field in 43 days, how long will 7 men and 5 women take to plough it?

Question 7

75 men can complete a work in 30 days. 20 days later, they are joined by 50 more men but the efficiency of these new men is 50% of the efficiency of the existing men. In how many days less than the scheduled time will the work be completed?

Question 8

Shekher can do a piece of work in 45 days, but Sandeep can do the same work in 5 days less than Shekher, when working alone. Shekher and Sandeep both started the work together but Sandeep left after some days and Shekher finished the remaining work in 56 days with half of his efficiency but he did the work with Sandeep with his full efficiency. For how many days they had worked together.

Question 9

A and B together can dig a trench in 12 days, which A alone can dig in 28 days. Then B alone can dig it in:

Question 10

A is 50% as efficient as B. C does half of the work done by A and B together. If C alone does the work in 20 days, then A, B and C together can do the work in

Question 11

A completes 6/10 of a work in 19 days, then she completes the remaining work with the help of B in 7 days. The time required for A and B together to complete the entire work is

Question 12

39 persons can reconstruct a cricket stadium's stand in 12 days, working 5 hours a day. If 30 persons work for 6 hours a day, then in how many days, could the stand be ready completely?

Question 13

A, B and C can complete a piece of work in 12, 24 and 36 days respectively. In how many days will they together complete the same work?

Question 14

If m men can do a job in p days, then (m+r) men can do the job in how many days?

Question 15

A builder decided to build a farm house in 40 days. He employed 100 workers in the beginning and 100 more after 35 days and completed the construction in stipulated time. If he had not employed the additional workers, how many days behind schedule would it have been finished?
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