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SSC Quiz on HCF and LCM 09.10.2020

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Question 1

Two cubes of copper weigh 7410 grams and 9945 grams respectively. The two cubes are melted separately to form coins of equals sizes. What is the largest possible weight of each coin?

Question 2

The ratio of two number is 4:5 and their HCF is 7, then find their LCM.

Question 3

5 bells start ringing together. If they ring at the differences of 4 sec, 5 sec, 8 sec and 15 sec respectively then after how much time they will ring together?

Question 4

A rectangular garden with dimensions of 20 ft and 14 ft has to be divided into small equal squares such that no area is left. Find minimum no of squares that can be made.

Question 5

There are three numbers 25, 35 and 55. Find ratio of LCM and HCF of these three numbers.

Question 6

Find the greatest number such that when 86,261,521 are divided by it, it leaves the same remainder.

Question 7

Sum of two numbers is 228 and their H.C.F is 19 then how many pairs are possible?

Question 8

Circumference of front and back wheels of truck are 161/12 cm and 207/20cm respectively. At any moment, a chalk mark is put on the point of contact of each wheel with the ground. Find distance travelled by wheel so that both the chalk marks are again on the ground at the same time.
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