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SSC JE 2017: Electrical Materials Quiz 4

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Question 1

For intrinsic gallium arsenide, conductivity at room temperature is10-6(Ω-m)-1 . the electron and hole mobilities are, respectively 0.85 and 0.04 m2/V-s. The intrinsic carrier concentration at room temperature is

Question 2

Consider the following statements regarding an ideal core material:
1) It has very high permeability.
2) It loses all its magnetism when there is no current flow.
3) It does not saturate easily.
Which of the above statements are correct?

Question 3

The electrical resistivity of many metals and alloys drops suddenly to zero when they are cooled to a low temperature (i.e., nearly equal to liquid helium temperature). Such materials (metals and alloys) are known as

Question 4

An electrically balanced atom has 30 protons in its nucleus and 2 electrons in its outermost shell. The materials made of such atom is

Question 5

The temperature coefficient of resistance of a doped semiconductor is

Question 6

Increase in the applied reverse voltage to a p-n junction results in increase in the

Question 7

The Fermi level in an n-type semi-conductor at zero degree kelvin lies

Question 8

The Electrical conductivity of Intrinsic semiconductor increases with increases in temperature because

Question 9

Magnetisc field Earth has no vertical component at

Question 10

High – frequency transformer cores are generally made from
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