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SSC CHSL/CGL Mini Quiz: 11.06.2023

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Question 1

Select the correct mirror image of the given combination when the minor is placed at MN as shown below.

Question 2

In a code language APPLE is written as EGGCI. How will NOTEBOOK be written as in that language?

Question 3

In the following question, select the odd number from the given alternatives.

Question 4

In India, the Attorney General is appointed by the ______.

Question 5

Which of the following statement/s is/are correct?

1). Orbital speed of a satellite is independent of its mass.

2). Orbital speed of a satellite depends upon the weight of orbit.

Question 6

A man travelled a total distance of 52 km in 8 hours. He travelled partly by cycle at 9 kmph and rest on foot at 4 kmph. What is the distance travelled by cycle ?

Question 7

The graph shows the monthly expenditure of a company (unit = 10 lakhs). Study the graph and answer the question.
The fraction of money spent on refreshments is

Question 8

Select the most appropriate option to fill in the blank.

Plans have been made to ________ the rude captain.

Question 9

Each of the following items in this section consists of a sentence, parts of which have been jumbled. These parts have been labeled as P, Q, R, and S. You are required to re-arrange the jumbled parts of the sentence and mark your response accordingly.
in order to tone up (P) / it should be (Q) / the physical education program (R) / reoriented and implemented (S)

Question 10

Select the misspelt word.
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