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Question 1

Given below are four jumbled sentences. Pick the option that gives their correct order.
P. July 1969 was to see a transformed Indira Gandhi.

Q. Quite a few people contributed with ideas.

R. She sounded the bugle through her historic ‘Note on Economic Policy and Programme’ that was circulated among delegates at Bangalore on July 9, 1969.

S. But the pivot was P.N.Haksar who gave shape, structure and substance with the help of some of his colleagues in the Prime Minister’s Secretariat.

Question 2

Given below are four jumbled sentences. Select the option that gives their correct order.

A) The image of highly productive women positively shapes cultural beliefs about women’s ability, and then translates into a more positive view about women in general.
B) We can see that patriarchal beliefs are indeed highly resilient but also that they can be transformed by a sufficiently large increase in women’s productivity.
C) This includes one of the most resilient elements of a value system – beliefs and attitudes towards women.
D) More broadly, although economic forces do not dictate a value system, there is potential for economic forces to transform the value system.

Question 3

4 kg of a metal contains  copper and rest is iron. Another 5 kg of metal contains  copper and rest is iron The ratio of copper and iron the mixture  of these two metals :

Question 4

What quality of wheat at Rs 9.30 per kg is mixed with another quality at a certain rate in the ratio 8 : 7. If the mixture so formed be worth Rs 10 per kg , what is the rate per kg of the second quality of wheat?

Question 5

A mixture contains 80% acid and rest water. Part of the mixture that should be removed and replaced by same amount of water to make the ratio of acid and water 4 : 3 is?

Question 6

Vineet travels 16 km towards west, turns right and travels another 12 km, and then takes two successive left turns covering 8 km and 12 km in each turn respectively. Finally, he takes a right turn and travels 10km further. How far is he now from his original position?

Question 7

Two motorcyclists P and Q start from the same point. P rides 11 km West, then turns South and rides 16 km, then turns to his right and rides 14 km. Q rides 30 km South, then turns to his right and rides 25 km. Where is Q with respect to P now?

Question 8

The process of absorption of digested food in the bloodstream is known as __________.

Question 9

The digestive juices contains Rennin helps in digestion of which of the following?

Question 10

Proteins are digested by
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