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SSC CGL Tier I Quiz: 19.03.2021

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Question 1

Choose the most appropriate option to change the voice (active/passive) form of the given sentence.

They will put away their woollens after the festival of Holi.

Question 2

Choose the most appropriate option to change the narration (direct/indirect) of the given sentence.

The scientists said, "Alas! We failed again and now we have to conduct this test again."

Question 3

In an office of 1200 employees, the ratio of urban to rural members of staff is 8 : 7. After joining of some new employees, out of which 20 are rural, the ratio becomes 5 : 4. The number of new urban employees is:

Question 4

In Δ ABC and Δ DEF are similar triangles with area 81 cm2 and 144 cm2. AM and DG are the medians of Δ ABC and Δ DEF on sides BC and EF. if DG = 4 cm2. Then AM =?

Question 5

The perimeter of a square is equal to the perimeter of a rectangle of length 16 cm and breadth 14 cm. Find the circumference of a semicircle whose diameter is equal to the side of the square.

Question 6

Select the figure that will come next in the following figure series?

Question 7

Find the number of triangles in the given figure.

Question 8

Which soil is also known as Kari Soil in Kerala?

Question 9

What is the device used to measure temperature?

Question 10

Glacier is formed by

(A) Melting snow

(B) Deposited snow

(C) Hailstorm

(D) Heavy rainfall

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