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SSC CGL Tier I Quiz : 18.01.2021

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Question 1

Select the most appropriate option to fill in the blank.

Every minister is _____ to the Parliament.

Question 2

Identify the best way to improve the underlined part of the given sentence. If there is no improvement required, select ‘no Improvement’.

She was annoying because her father had not accepted her suggestion.

Question 3

A completes 6/10 of a work in 19 days, then she completes the remaining work with the help of B in 7 days. The time required for A and B together to complete the entire work is

Question 4

A does 4/5 of a piece of work in 20 days; he then calls in B and they finish the remaining work in 3 days. How long B alone will take to do whole work?

Question 5

Mander works 3 times as fast as Samarth. If Samarth can complete a job alone in 28 days. then in how many days can they together finish the job ?

Question 6

Direction: Select the related word/letters/ number from the given alternatives.
Blue whale : Sea : : ? : Land

Question 7

Direction: Select the related word/letters/ number from the given alternatives.

Question 8

Direction: In the following question, select the related word/letters/number from the given alternatives.
2 : 30 : : 20 : ?

Question 9

What is the unit of Refractive index?

Question 10

Sound waves can not propagate through _____.

Question 11

The sound produced by a bat is
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