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SSC CGL Tier I Quiz : 14.03.2021

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Question 1

In the sentence, identify the segment which contains the grammatical error.
Animals have died as a consequently of coming into contact with this chemical.

Question 2

Identify the best way to improve the underlined part of the given sentence. If there is no improvement required, select ‘No improvement’.
Let us hurry, or else the bus will be leaving the stop by the time we reach there.

Question 3

Choose the most appropriate option to change the voice (active/passive) form of the given sentence.

Children like to play all day long.

Question 4

Choose the most appropriate option to change the narration (direct/indirect) of the given sentence.
The coach said, "Well done! You have made me proud."

Question 5

5 men complete a piece of work in 30 days. 10 women can complete the same piece of work in 40 days. 10 men and 10 women start the work but after 10 days all women leave the work then how many days required for 10 men to complete the remaining work?

Question 6

Two pipes A and B can fill an empty tank in 8 hours and 12 hours respectively. They are opened alternately for 1 hour each, starting with pipe A first. In how many hours will the empty tank be filled?

Question 7

Pipe A and B can fill a tank in 10 min and 6 min respectively. C is an outlet pipe it take 15 min to empty the tank. How much time (min) it will take to fill the tank if all pipes started together?

Question 8

A man and a boy received ₹ 800 as wages for 5 days for the work they did together. The man’s efficiency in the work was three times that of the boy. What are the daily wages of the boy?

Question 9

The wages of labors in a factory has increased in the ratio 22:25 and their number decreased in the ratio 3:2. What was the original wage bill of the factory, if the present bill is Rs. 5000?

Question 10

A certain number of men can complete a job in 30 days. If there were 5 men more, it could be completed in 10 days less. How many men were in the beginning?

Question 11

In a certain code language “HOLIDAY” is written as “$ & * ^ @ ! %” and “MOBILE” is written as “ > & # ^ * <”. How will “MELODY” be written in that code language?

Question 12

In a certain code language, "SALMON" is written as "VDOPRQ". How is "FISH" written in that code language?

Question 13

In a certain code if

sri rps tri means Janta Curfew Day

utv tri swr means Good Day Biscuits

swr rps means Good Janta

then what will be the value of Biscuits?

Question 14

In a code language, LIFE is written as 11731, then in that code language, how NICE may be written?

Question 15

Which among the following disease is known as royal disease?

Question 16

Pneumonia affects which of the following organs of human body?

Question 17

What is the Lactose intolerance?

Question 18

Rickets is a disease caused by the deficiency of ______.

Question 19

Which of the following diseases is not caused by a virus?

Question 20

Which technique is used to detect Chickengunya viruses?
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