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SSC CGL Tier I Quiz : 13.02.2021

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Question 1

Select the correctly spelt word.

Question 2

Select the most appropriate meaning of the given idiom/phrase.


Question 3

How many natural numbers up to 2001 are divisible by 3 or 4 but NOT by 5?

Question 4

The greatest number of six digits which when divided by 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10 gives 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8 respectively as remainder, is

Question 5

If the sum of two numbers is 55 and the HCF and LCM of these numbers are 5 and 120 respectively. Then the sum of the reciprocal of two numbers is equal to:

Question 6

If HOTSTARS is written as TUPIUTCV, then STARSPORTS will be written as –

Question 7

In a code language, ZESTMONEY is written as TFAPNUZFO. How will AGREEMENT be written as in that language?

Question 8

Which one of the following Sangam epics is not a Jain religious work?

Question 9

Sangam age is associated with history of which region?

Question 10

Which were the three dynasties referred to as ‘Muvendar’ in Sangam poems?
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