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Question 1

Identify the segment in the sentence which contains the grammatical error.

The furnitures in this shop is very costly.

Question 2

Identify the best way to improve the underlined part of the given sentence. If there is no improvement required, select ‘no Improvement’.
Hardly had I arrive at the station than the train came.

Question 3

Who built the Sheesh Mahal in Patiala?

Question 4

The Rig Vedic civilization flourished along which holy river of the Rig Vedic age?

Question 5

The only lady who has ruled Delhi as a Sultan – Raziya Sultan belonged to which dynasty?

Question 6

The value of x in the expression 45 × x = 25% of 900 is:

Question 7

The ratio of milk and water in a beaker is 3 : x when 140 ltr of the mixture and 40ltr of water are mixed, the ratio of milk and water becomes 1 : 2. Find the value of x.

Question 8

Taps A and B can fill a tank in 15 minutes and 10 minutes, respectively while tap C can empty the full tank in x minutes. If all three taps are opened together, the tank is filled completely in 8 minutes. Top C alone will empty part of the tank in:

Question 9

Two statements are given, followed by three conclusions numbered I, II and III. Assuming the statements to be true, even if they seem to be at variance with commonly known facts, decide which of the conclusions logically follow(s) from the statements.

1. All match-boxes are torches
2. All torches are lanterns.

I. Some torches are match-boxes.
II. Some lanterns are match-boxes.
III. No match-box is lantern.

Question 10

In a certain language, “WINDSHIELD” is written as “CKDHGRCMHV”. How is “FRONTBACK” written in that code language?
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