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Question 1

The average age of 5 members of a family is 24 years. If the youngest member is 8 years old, then what was the average age (in years) of the family just before the birth of the youngest member?

Question 2

In a class, there are 45 students whose average age decrease by 2 months when one student aged 24 years is replaced by a new student. The age of the new student is:

Question 3

There are three section A, B and C of 10th class in a school. When teacher takes the examination he finds that the average score of class A is 83, the average score of class B is 76 and the average score of class C is 85, The average score of class A and B is 79 and average score of class B and C is 81, find the average score of classes A, B and C is.

Question 4

In a cricket match of 50 overs the run rate of the first 42 overs is 6.5 runs/over. Calculate the required run rate in the remaining over’s to reach the target of 369 runs.

Question 5

A student, by mistake, wrote 64 in place of 46 as a number at the time of finding the average of 10 given numbers & got the average as 50. The correct average of the numbers is

Question 6

In a class number of girls is 40% of that of boys. If average age of boys is 15 years and average age of girls is 20% less than that of boys then what is average age of class?

Question 7

Respective ratio of numbers of workers in A, B and C is 4:5:8. If number of trained workers are 50%, 30% and 40% respectively. If average number of workers in A, B and C is 5100 then what is number of trained workers?

Question 8

Average age of 40 students of a class is 16 years. If 20 more students joined them average age of 60 students became 17 years then what is average age of 20 new comers?

Question 9

Respective ratio of A, B and C is 4:7:5. Average of A, and B is 55 then what is the value of C?

Question 10

Average of 10, 34, 53, 26, x is 28. What is the value of x?
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