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Speed Time & Distance

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Question 1

If I travel by bus, I reach my office 15 min late and if I travel by car, I reach 10 min early. If the distance between my home and my office is 25 km, then the difference of the reciprocals of average speeds of the bus and the car, in second per meter is:

Question 2

Anand & Ravi start together to cover a certain distance. The speed of Anand is 7 km/h and speed of Ravi is 6 km/h. If Anand reaches the destination 1 before Ravi reaches the destination, find the distance.

Question 3

Running at the speed of 4 km/h, a boy could not board the train by reaching 10 minutes late from his home. However, if his speed were 1 km/h more he would have arrived the station 14 minutes before the departure time. Find the distance between station and home.

Question 4

A bike travels 715km at a constant speed. If the speed of the bike would have been 10km/hr more, then it would have taken 2 hours less to cover the same distance. What is the original speed of the bike?

Question 5

A man, travelling at 15 kmph on his bicycle, reaches his destination at 1 pm. If he travels at 20 kmph then he will reach his destination at 11 am. If he wants to reach his destination at 12 am then what will be his speed?

Question 6

If Sachin cycles at 40 km/hr then he arrives at certain place at 5:00 pm. If he cycles at 50 km/hr he will arrive at the same place at 1:00 pm. At what speed must he cycle to get there at 3:00 pm?

Question 7

Speed of a bike is 90 km/h. After every 36 minutes, its speed is reduced by 10 km/h. If the bike has to travel 252 km, find out the time taken by bike to cover this distance:

Question 8

A starts to walk from city X towards city Y at 10:00 am and B starts to walk from city Y towards city X at 10:00 am and after meeting at city Z (A place between X and Y) they both reach their destinations in 27 & 48 minutes respectively. Find out the time at which they met at city Z?

Question 9

Neha traveled 15 km by riding a bicycle, then she took an auto whose average speed was 56 km/h and thus she reached her exam center in a total of 3 hour. If the average speed of entire journey was 45 km/h. find the average speed of cycling.

Question 10

A man on a tour travels first 360 km by train at 72 km/h, the next 160 km on a motor cycle at 12.80 km/h, and the last 200 km by on a bicycle at 16 km/h. ignoring the buffer times between the different modes of travels, what is the average speed (in m/s) for his tour?
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