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Question 1

A car is running at a speed of 64 km/h to cover a certain distance in 40 min. At what speed should the car run to reduce the time of the journey to 30 min?

Question 2

Mrs. Vijaya takes a total of 9 hours 50 minutes in walking a distance and running back to same place where she started. She could walk both ways in 12 hrs 20 minutes. The time taken by her to run both ways is:

Question 3

A train starts from A at 6 AM and reaches B at 11 AM on the same day. Another train starts from B at 8 AM and reaches A at 3 PM on the same day. At what time the two trains will have crossed each other?

Question 4

The distance between the places H and O is D units. The average speed that gets a person from H to O in a stipulated time is S units. He takes 20 minutes more time than usual if he travels at 60 km/h, and reaches 44 minutes early if he travels at 75 km/h. The sum of the numerical values of D and S is:

Question 5

Mr. Prasad travelled equal distance at speeds of 6 km/hr, 12 km/hr, and 18 km/hr, and took a total of 55 minutes to complete the journey. Find the total distance he travelled (in km)

Question 6

Two train A and B of length 200 meter and 150 meters respectively, running with 96 km/h and 66 km/h respectively in the same direction. If a man is sitting on the coach A3 of train A. The time in which, the man will cross the train B is?

Question 7

Rohit walks at 17 km/hr and Ruchira cycles at 22 km/hr towards each other. What was the distance between them when they started if they meet after 44 minutes?

Question 8

In a race of 100m, Sandeep defeats Sudhir by 20m. If speed of sudhir is 60m/s, what is speed of Sandeep ?

Question 9

If a taxi going at 60 km/hr takes 25 minutes to travel a certain distance, by how much should it increase its speed (in km/hr) to travel the same distance in 20 minutes?

Question 10

An athlete running with a speed 12 km/h completed one round and then with 8 km/h completed second round of a circular ground. What was his average speed?
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