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Simple & Compound Interest || 20.02.2021

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Question 1

If the simple interest on a sum of ₹x at 6% p.a. for two years is double the simple interest on another sum of ₹y at 9% per annum for three years, then which of the following is true?

Question 2

The compound interest on ₹4,000 after 3 years is ₹630.50. Then the rate of interest compounded yearly is:

Question 3

Manali, deposits 1350 rupees in a bank at 5% per annum, and 1150 in another bank at 6% per annum. Find the rate of simple interest for the whole sum?

Question 4

The compound interest (compounded annually) on a sum of money invested for two years is Rs.10125. If the rate of interest is 25% a per annum, then what is the amount after these two years?

Question 5

A sum of ₹5000 was lent partly at 6% and partly at 9% simple interest. If the total interest received after 1 year was ₹390, the ratio in which the money was lent at 6% and 9% is

Question 6

A certain sum invested on compound interest (compounded annually) grows to
Rs. 5040 in three years. If the rate of interest is 20% for the first year, 40% for the second and 50% for the third year, then what is the sum?

Question 7

The difference between the compound interest and simple interest on Rs. x at 7% per annum for 2 years is Rs. 24.50. What is the value of x?

Question 8

A sum of Rs. x was borrowed and paid back in two equal yearly instalments, each of
Rs. 35,280. If the rate of interest was 5%, compounded annually, then the value of x is:

Question 9

A person borrows ₹ 5000 for 2 yr at 4% per annum simple interest. He immediately lends to another person at 6.25% per annum for 2 yr. His gain in the transaction per year is

Question 10

A sum of money was put on compound interest for 2 years at 40% per annum. If interest were compounded half yearly then it would have fetched Rs. 568 more. Find the sum?
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