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Science Pedagogy Quiz:10.09.2020

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Question 1

A lab-incharge of science laboratory wants children and her colleagues to plan activities and experiments well in advance, what is best way for this?

Question 2

Which of the following is correct with respect to Role play technique in Teaching of Science?

Question 3

NCF 2005 recommends that science education at upper primary stage should focus on

Question 4

“Name the planets of the solar system” related to which type of question?

Question 5

Which objectives are concerned with the development of interest, emotions, appreciation, attitudes, mental tendencies and values in the children?

Question 6

Which of the following method is not encouraged while teaching children with special needs?

Question 7

The use of ________ themes are done to achieve Integrated approach:

Question 8

Name the tool that reveals “action-learning techniques result in up to 90% retention”

Question 9

Who is the main exponent of concentric approach?

Question 10

Which is the primary step that is acquired by our senses in the scientific method of processes?
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