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Science and Technology Quiz 10. 02. 2018

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Question 1

Consider the statements –
1) Nano robots can be used to clear oil spills & disassembled pollutants specially non-biodegradable ones reducing their polluting impact.
2) Tele Robots like unmanned aerial network can be used to perform a dangerous task in faraway or inaccessible places.
Correct options are

Question 2

VIKRAM SARABHAI SPACE CENTER (VSSC) is situated in ______.

Question 3

Consider the following statements –
1) Dengue is a protozoan disease transmitted by mosquitoes.
2) Retro-orbital pain is not a symptom of dengue.
3) Skin rash and bleeding from nose and gums are some of the symptoms of dengue.
Correct options are

Question 4

Concave mirrors are used for many purposes. Consider the following uses –
1) By Doctors, for examining eyes, ears, nose and throat
2) In side view mirror to help the drivers
3) As reflectors of torches and headlights of cars and scooters
Correct options are –

Question 5

Consider the following statements regarding NAM –
1) National Agriculture Market (NAM) is a pan-India electronic trading portal which networks the existing APMC mandis to create a unified national market for agricultural commodities.
2) The NAM Portal provides a single window service for all APMC related information and services.
3) NAM is being deployed in selected regulated wholesale markets in States/UTs desirous of joining the e-platform.
Correct options are –

Question 6

Why should we wear cotton clothes in summer?
1) Cotton being a natural fibre has the tendency to absorb the sweat.
2) It is a breathing fabric.
3) It is loosely woven comparative to man-made fabric.
Chose the correct option –

Question 7

Atropine is used by ophthalmologists for –

Question 8

Some small changes that take place in the body of a single organism over short periods, to overcome small problems due to changes in the surroundings, is called ______________.

Question 9

Choose the correct option –

Question 10

Galvanization is a method of protecting iron from rusting by coating with a thin layer of –
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