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Research Aptitude Quiz for UGC NET Paper 1 2020

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Question 1

Arrange the list in correct order as per their usage in the article writing.

Question 2

Which of the following can be the components of a thesis?

a) Title

b) Abstract

c) Acknowledgement

d) Supervisor’s remark

e) Methods

f) Bibliography

g) Appendixes

Question 3

Which of the following is not a method of a survey?

Question 4

Coding in research refers to which of the following statements?

Question 5

Numbering the citations linked to footnotes or endnotes is done in which of the following formats?

Question 6

Who among the following, propounded the concept of paradigm?

Question 7

The components of a research design are:
(a) Comparison
(b) Control
(c) Reactivity
(d) Manipulation
(e) Non-representativeness
(f) Generalisation

Question 8

Which one of the following is not a type of Probability Sampling?

Question 9

The table given below represents which type of the following frequencies?

Question 10

A _______ is a formal reference to a published or unpublished source that a researcher uses for writing his/her research paper.
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