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Research Aptitude Quiz for UGC NET Paper 1 2020

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Question 1

In which of the following activities, potential for nurturing creative and critical thinking is relatively greater?

Question 2

A researcher intends to explore the effect of possible factors for the organization of effective mid-day meal interventions. Which research method will be most appropriate for this study?

Question 3

The type of research that involves looking at variables over an extended period of time is known as:

Question 4

The research approach of Max Weber to understand how people create meanings in natural settings is identified as

Question 5

A thesis statement is

Question 6

Which kind of study will be the most appropriate to learn which diseases affect girls’ health from age 10 to 15?

Question 7

When academicians are called to deliver lecture or presentation to an audience on certain topics or a set of topics of educational nature, it is called

Question 8

There are two sets given below. Set –I specifies the types of research, while Set-II indicates their characteristics. Match the two and give your answer by selecting the appropriate code.
Set – I
(Research types)
A) Fundamental research 
B) Applied research
C) Action research
D) Evaluative research
Set – II
i. Find out the extent of perceived impact of an intervention
ii. Developing an effective explanation through theory building
iii. Improving an existing situation through use of interventions
iv. Exploring the possibility of a theory for use in various situations
v. Enriching technological resources

Question 9

In a thesis, figures and tables are included in

Question 10

A medical study is observing diabetes patients in a government hospital to learn about the causes. This study comes under which kind of research?
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