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Research Aptitude Quiz for UGC NET Paper 1 2020

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Question 1

In qualitative research paradigm, which of the following features may be considered critical?

Question 2

In which of the following, reporting format is formally prescribed?

Question 3

In doing action research what is the usual sequence of steps?

Question 4

From the following list of statements identify the set which has negative implications for ‘research ethics’:
a) A researcher critically looks at the findings of another research.
b) Related studies are cited without proper references.
c) Research findings are made the basis for policy making.
d) Conduct of practitioner is screened in terms of reported research evidences.
e) A research study is replicated with a view to verify the evidences from other researches.
f) Both policy making and policy implementing processes are regulated in terms of preliminary studies.

Question 5

Which of the following statement/s about the Applied research is/are correct?
I. Applied research is used to solve a practical problem.
II. It can be used to solve problems of education system of the developing countries.
III. Applied research is action-oriented.
IV. Applied research is also called fundamental research.

Question 6

The research stream of immediate application is

Question 7

Which among the following is not the characteristic of research?

Question 8

What is a Research Design?

Question 9

A variable that is manipulated is known as:

Question 10

Match with the appropriate item:

A - B - C - D

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