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Question 1

In a certain code language, TOMATO is written as YTRFYT. How is POTATO written in that code language?

Question 2

A series is given with one term missing. Select the correct alternative from the given ones that will complete the series.

E11U, U23E, E35U, U47E, ?

Question 3

Select the option that is related to the third number in the same way as the second number is related to the first number.

22 : 88 :: 37 : ?

Question 4

Cost price of 10 items is equal to selling price of 15 items. Find the gain or loss percent?

Question 5

If the given words are arranged as per an English dictionary, then which word will appear last?

1. Disturb

2. Distance

3. Distilled

4. Distribution

5. Distort

Question 6

Nandini is sister of Vani. How is Nandini's only sister's fathers father related to Vani?

Question 7

In the following question, select the odd number pair from the given alternatives.

Question 8

If March 27, 1999, is Saturday, then what is the day of the week on February 2, 2007?

Question 9

How many Triangles are there in the following figure?

Question 10

Anupam walked 15 meters towards South. Then he turned to his left and walked 20 meters. He then turned to his left and walked 15 meters. He again turned to his right and walked 12 meters. At what distance is he from the starting point in which direction?
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