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Question 1

Study the given pattern carefully and select the number that can replace the question mark (?) in it.

Question 2

Find the next term in the alpha –numeric series:

K-121, I-81, G-49, E-25?

Question 3

Find the wrong term in the given series.


Question 4

Raju's position in a row is 13th from the front side and 6th from the back side. How many people are standing in that row?

Question 5

Two different appearance of a dice is shown below, which number lies to the opposite of ‘3’?

Question 6

Select the option in which the given figure (X) is embedded (rotation is NOT allowed).

Question 7

If a mirror is placed on the line AB, then which of the answer figures is the right image of the given figure?

Question 8

Which of the following answer figure will complete the given figure?

Question 9

Eight friends working in a steel company being Payal, Mayank, Rohit, Tanmay, Sonu, Utkarsh, Varun and Waris are sitting in two opposite rows and are facing each other. Each row has 4 persons in all. Payal facing north direction is between Utkarsh and Varun. Waris is opposite to Sonu who is to the immediate left of Mayank. Rohit is between Tanmay and Mayank. Waris is to the immediate right of Varun.

Who is sitting opposite of Rohit?

Question 10

Six friends Manish, Naman, Aman, Piyush, Rahul and Rohit are standing in two rows of three persons each. The persons in both the rows face each other. Aman is between Rahul and Rohit. Piyush is facing north and is standing between Manish and Naman.

Who is facing Aman?

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