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Reasoning MCQ On Sitting Arrangement (Week 3)

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Question 1

Eleven friends B, N, O, P, Q, R, S, T, Z, V and W are sitting in the first row of the stadium watching a cricket match. T is to the immediate left of P and third to the right of Z. V is the immediate neighbour of B and N and third to the left of S. B is the second to the right of Q, who is at one of the ends. R is sitting next to the right of P and P is second to the right of O. Which of the following person is sitting at the center of the row?

Question 2

Six students A, B, C, D, E, F are sitting round a circular table. B is in the middle of A and C. D is at the second right of B and second left of F. Who is the immediate right of D?

Question 3

Five persons A, B, C, S and P are sitting in a row facing north. There are two persons sitting between A and C . A is not sitting on either side of its end. B is sitting second to the left of A . S is sitting third to the right of B . C is sitting on the extreme left end of the row. Who is sitting in the between B and A?

Question 4

Eight executives J,K,L,M,N,O,P & Q are sitting around a circular table for a meeting. J is second to the right of P who is third to the right of K. M is second to the left of O who sits between P & J, L is not a neighbor of K or N. Who is to the immediate left of L?

Question 5

4 boxes A, B, C and D are kept one above another. These boxes are of different colours namely Red, Orange, Black and White but not necessarily in the same order. One box is kept between box A and Red coloured box. D is at the bottom-most position and orange coloured box is at the top position. B is placed just above C and have white colour.

What is the colour of the box which is just above box D?

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