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Reasoning MCQ On Distance & Direction (Week 2) -10.01.2022

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Question 1

Five friends A, B, C, D and E are sitting close to each other. A is to the east of B, C is to the south of D, E is to the south of A and D is to the west of E. Then, C is in which direction with respect to E?

Question 2

Maya walked 10 m towards the north. Then  she turned right  and walk 5m. Then she turned right and walk 15 m, then she turned left and walk 15 m. Finally she turned left and walk 5m, then how many meters is she away from the standing position ?

Question 3

Neha walks from her home. She first walks 35 m in north-west direction and then 35m in south-west direction. Next she walks 35 m in south-east direction. Her home is in which direction from her current position?

Question 4

A person travels in North-East direction for 17 km, then he travels 8 km in the south direction. How far he is from his starting position?

Question 5

A person starts from point O to travel 5 km towards north, then he takes a right turn and travels 5 km, then again he takes a right turn to travel 10 km and yet again he turns right to travel 5 km.

How far is he now from his starting point and in which direction?

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