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Reasoning MCQ On Distance & Direction Test (Week 4)- 24.01.2022

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Question 1

A man starts from his home and walks 10 km to the north and turns right to walk 12 km. Then he turns 135 degrees in the clockwise direction and walks 26 km. How far is he from his home?

Question 2

A is in the west of B which is in the south of C. If D is in the north of C, then in which direction of A is D?

Question 3

A boy goes 60km south from A to B then goes 20km east to C and 20km north to D. Another girl starts from E and goes to F where the distance between E and F is equal to the length of A and B and parallel to each other, then goes 20km west to G and then 20km north to H. What is the distance between D and H if the distance between A and E is 60km and A is to the west of E.

Question 4

If South East becomes North, then what will South West become

Question 5

If A is to the west of B, C is to the south of A and D is to the east of C, then D is in which direction of A?
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