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Reasoning MCQ On Coding-Decoding (Week1) - 02.05.2022

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Question 1

In a code language, if MOTHER is written as 2630408518, then how will GAMING be written in the same language?

Question 2

In a certain code language, ‘ONE’ is coded as ’15-28-15’ and ‘TWO’ is coded as ’20-46-45’. How will ‘SIX’ be coded in that language.

Question 3

In a certain code, ‘AXIS’ is written as ‘EXMS’. How is ‘OPTICAL’ is written in that code?

Question 4

If in a certain code, QUARANTINE is written as BSBVRFOJUO, How will VENTELATOR be written in that language?

Question 5

In a certain code language ‘SHIRT’ is written as ‘WWPQD’. How will ‘DRESS’ be written in that code?
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