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Reasoning MCQ On Arithmatical Reasoning - 29.01.2023

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Question 1

Five objects A, B, C, D and E are of different weights. The weight of B is double the weight of E. The weight of C is three times the weight of A. D's weight is four times the weight of C. The weight of B is half the weight of D. Which object is the heaviest among all?

Question 2

There are 45 trees in a row. The lemon tree is 20th from right end. What is the rank of lemon tree from left end?

Question 3

Speed of a person is 8 km/h. He rests 10 min after each 5 km. What is time required for him to cover a distance of 40 km ?

Question 4

In a class of 70 students, 40 students have passed in Philosophy, 36 have passed in History, 10 students have failed in both the subjects. How many students have passed in Philosophy only?

Question 5

Among five iron balls P, Q, R, S and T, the weight of Q is 5 kg, which is double the weight of P. The weight of S is half the weight of T. The weight of R is equal to the weight of P and Q taken together. The weight of T is four times the weight of R. What is the weight of S?
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