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Reasoning/Maths Quiz| UGC NET Paper 1

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Question 1

If two standard form categorical propositions with the same subject and predicate are related in such a manner that if one is undetermined the other must be undetermined, what is their relation?

Question 2

Two number are in the ration 3:5. If 9 is subtracted from the numbers, the ratio becomes 12:23. The numbers are:

Question 3

the next term in the series:
2,7,28,63,126, ______ is

Question 4

A person walks 10 m in front and 10 m to the right. Then every time turning to his left, he walks 5, 15 and 15 m respectively. How far is he now from his starting point?

Question 5

The next term in the series:
AB, ED, IH, NM, _______ is

Question 6

Men and woman may have different reproductive strategies but neither can be considered inferior or superior to the other, any more than a bird’s wings can be considered superior or inferior to a fish’s fins. What type of argument it is?

Question 7

Given below are four statements. Among them two are related in such a way that they can both be true but they cannot both be false. Select the code that indicates those two statements:
a) Honest people never suffer.
b) Almost all honest people do suffer.
c) Honest people hardly suffer.
d) Each and every honest person suffers.

Question 8

C and D are sisters. A and B are brothers. E is son of A and brother of D. B is related to C as:

Question 9

In a particular code, HOSPITALS is coded as HSOLSAPTI. The code of BIOLOGICALS will be:

Question 10

Given below is a diagram of three circles A, B, and C over-lapping each other. The circle A represents the class of honest people, the circle B represents the class of sincere people and circle C represents the class of politicianswer p, q, r, s, U, X,Y represent different regions. Select the code that represents the region indication the class of honest politicians who are not sincere.
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