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Ratio & Proportion || 25.04.2021

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Question 1

Find the fourth proportional to 14, 28 and 21.

Question 2

A got twice as many marks in English as in Science. His total marks in English, Science and Mathematics is 180. If the ratio of his marks in English and Mathematics is 2 : 3, what is his marks in Science?

Question 3

A bag has ₹30.8 in the form of 1 rupee, 50 paisa and 10 paisa coins in the ratio of 6: 3: 2. What is the number of 50 paise coins?

Question 4

If the ratio of Income of A, B and C is 5:7:9 and their saving ratio is 3:4:5 and ratio of A’s income to A’s savings is 5:9. Find the ratio of total income of A, B & C’s income to total savings of all three.

Question 5

If 9a2-24ab+12b2 = 0 then, find a : b

Question 6

Some amount of money is divided between Harsh and Nikhil in the ratio 8:17. They go for shopping and Harsh spent 3/4th of his money. Nikhil spent 20% of his money and is left with Rs.6528. How much money do both spent altogether?

Question 7

If 13A = 11B = 8C, find A : B : C

Question 8

By increasing the price of entry ticket to a fair in the ratio 11:16, the number of visitors to the fair has decreased in the ratio 19:9. In what ratio has the total collection increased or decreased?

Question 9

Income of A and B are in ratio 2:3 respectively. Income of A is increased by 40% and income of B is increased by 90%. What is the overall increase in their income?

Question 10

Three numbers are in the ratio 1/2 : 2/3 : 3/4. The difference between the greatest and the smallest number is 27. The smallest number is
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