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Ratio & Proportion || 10.04.2021

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Question 1

A bag has Rs.20 in the form of 1-rupee, 50-paise and 10-paise coins in the ratio of 2:3:5. Find the number of 50-paise coins.

Question 2

Some amount of money is divided between Harsh and Nikhil in the ratio 8:17. They go for shopping and Harsh spent 3/4th of his money. Nikhil spent 20% of his money and is left with Rs.6528. How much money do both spent altogether?

Question 3

Rs. 490 is divided among A, B and C such that A's share is half that of B's and thrice that of C's. What is C's share?

Question 4

If 13A = 11B = 8C, find A : B : C

Question 5

If a : b = c : d = e : f = 1 : 2; then (3a + 5c + 7e) : (3b + 5d + 7f) is equal to:

Question 6

The sum of three numbers is 162. If the ratio of the first number to the second number is 5 : 7 and that of the second number to the third number is 5 : 3, then what is the second number?

Question 7

A, B and C are assigned a work for Rs 440. A and B together do 9/11th part of the work. The share of C should be:

Question 8

The ratio of the number of boys and girls in a college is 7:8. If the percentage increase in the number of boys and girls be 20% and 10% respectively, then what will be the new ratio of the number of boys and girls?

Question 9

A and B together have Rs 1210. If 4/15th of A's amount is equal to 2/5th of B's amount, then how much amount does B have?

Question 10

The ratio of the sum of two numbers and their difference is 5 : 1. The ratio of the greater number to the smaller number is
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