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Question 1

Which one of the following is incorrectly matched?

Question 2

National Institute of Ayurveda, an autonomous body of Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Government of India is located at?

Question 3

Who was the first historian who wrote about ‘Feudalism’ in Rajasthan during the 19th century?

Question 4

Which dance form of Rajasthan is included in Intangible Cultural Heritage list of UNESCO?

Question 5

Jaisamand lake’ is considered as the second largest artificial lake in the world and first in Asia. In which district of Rajasthan is it situated?

Question 6

With which of the following areas of Rajasthan the Alibakshi Khayal is associated?

Question 7

Who was the ruler of a state in Rajasthan who played a very significant role in the establishment of Banaras Hindu University?

Question 8

The first cooperative society in Rajasthan was established in 1905 in which of the following district?

Question 9

A world heritage site which is famously known as golden city?

Question 10

When was the city of Jodhpur founded?

Question 11

Which of the following was the capital of Matsya?

Question 12

Jaisalmer Fort is situated on which of the following hill?

Question 13

Desert Festival of Jaisalmer is held in which of the following month?

Question 14

When was the Battle of Ranthambore held?

Question 15

The North India’s largest integrated IT park is located in which of the following city?

Question 16

Districts of Rajasthan are grouped into how many divisions?

Question 17

Which of the following is the one of the largest fort in India?

Question 18

Which of the following is the largest division of Rajasthan?

Question 19

Jeen mata Temple is in which of the following district?

Question 20

What is the rank of Rajasthan in terms of GDP in India?

Question 21

Which of the following is not the art and painting forms of Rajasthan?

Question 22

Rajasthan is the leading producer of which of the following minerals in India?

Question 23

Which of the following district of Rajasthan does not comes under ‘Hadauti region’?

Question 24

When was Rajasthan Information Commission constituted?

Question 25

Who was the famous ruler of Mewar who repaired the fort of Achalgarh?

Question 26

The famous Nahargarh Fort is situated in which of the following city?

Question 27

Which Jain Tirthankar is worship in the name of tribal black baba in Udaipur district?

Question 28

What is the share of Agriculture in the economy of Rajasthan for the 2016-17?

Question 29

What is the other name of Pushkar mela?

Question 30

Which among the following is known as “Plato of Jat people”?

Question 31

Who among the following is the author of “Vir Vinod” which gives a history of Mewar?

Question 32

The district through which 70 °E longitude passes is?

Question 33

Which among the following district of Rajasthan does not shares border with Pakistan?

Question 34

The Vijay Shahi coins were in use in which among the following areas of Rajasthan?

Question 35

Alwar hills are part of

Question 36

Jawahar sagar dam is built across which river?

Question 37

Who was behind the idea of ‘Pink City’?

Question 38

What is the total area of Rajasthan?

Question 39

The Chambal River of India is touching which of the following state?

Question 40

When was the Chittor Fort captured by Alauddin Khalji?

Question 41

Who was the first Chief Minister of Rajasthan?

Question 42

In which district is Arid Forest Research Institute situated?

Question 43

What is the highest peak of the Aravalli Range?

Question 44

An approximate area of Rajasthan covered under western desert, is _________.

Question 45

The longest folk song of Rajasthan is associated with which of the following Lok Devis/Devtas?

Question 46

Which of the following canal is previously known as the Rajasthan Canal?

Question 47

The Great Indian Desert is the ______ largest desert in the World.

Question 48

Which of the following is not the folk dance of Rajasthan?

Question 49

Ranapratap Sagar Dam is built on which of the following rivers?

Question 50

Who is known as the Father of the ‘White Revolution’ in India?
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