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Railways RRB ALP/ Technician Physics Quiz

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Question 1

The incident ray, the _________ at the point of incidence and the reflected ray all lie in the same plane.

Question 2

According to the Second Law of Motion, the force is directly proportional to which of the following quantities?

Question 3

Which one of the following equations can be derived from the Newton's Second Law of Motion?

Question 4

Which of the following waves cannot be polarised?

Question 5

Mass of an object is a _____.

Question 6

How is mass number of an atom determined?

Question 7

The coil wire in the electric room heater or electric cooking heater is called __________.

Question 8

A cloud chamber consists of a sealed environment containing a supersaturated vapor of water or _________.

Question 9

Which of the following Scientist proved that the path of each planet around the Sun is elliptical?

Question 10

In hydel power station, the motion produced in turbines is due to ____.

Question 11

Why does a fountain pen leak in aeroplane flying at a height?

Question 12

Which device used to convert DC to AC?

Question 13

If an object, on a free fall from a certain height, reaches the ground in 1 second, what is its velocity on the impact with the ground?

Question 14

What will happen to the force between the two positive charges, which are released after being held near each other?

Question 15

If a body is moving on a circular path (uniform circular), what is its average velocity if it completes one cycle in one second?

Question 16

A Theodolite is used for measuring______.

Question 17

Which of the following do not travel far as their energy is dissipated easily?

Question 18

A voltmeter in a circuit diagram is represented by which letter?

Question 19

What is the significance of Ozone layer in atmosphere?

Question 20

When a bus starts suddenly, then passengers in the bus tend to fall backwards. This event is an example of _____.
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