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Question 1

Article 356 of the Indian Constitution is about

Question 2

Who appoints the Governor of Jammu and Kashmir ?

Question 3

Which one of the following is not a fundamental right?

Question 4

Which of the following institutions was not founded by Mahatama Gandhi?

Question 5

Who was the Governor-General of India in 1857?

Question 6

From which Indus site the evidence of ‘Fire pit’ is found?

Question 7

Who was the Prime Minister in the British Empire during the 1857 revolt?

Question 8

‘Victoria waterfall’ is located on which river?

Question 9

Tehri dam is built on the river:

Question 10

What is the currency of Russia?

Question 11

Aung San Suu Kyi is the

Question 12

Which city of India is comparable as Silicon Valley in California?

Question 13

Which of the following was the first bank of India?

Question 14

Who was referred to as the "Ambassador of Hindu-Muslim Unity" by Sarojini Naidu?

Question 15

The book Satyartha Prakash was written by:

Question 16

What are the two kinds of Rotatory motion?

Question 17

The following is a pseudo-force:

Question 18

Metal tea pots have wooden handles because __________.

Question 19

Name the tiny pores present on the surface of leaves in plants.

Question 20

Which bone is the most fragile bone in face?

Question 21

Life of RBC in human blood is

Question 22

Enzymes are

Question 23

When the offices of the President and Vice ­President fall vacant simultaneously, who acts as President?

Question 24

The members of the Panchayat Samiti are

Question 25

Who is the current President of Myanmar?
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