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Quiz on Vedic Period_WBCS

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Question 1

Which of the following pairs is NOT correctly matched?

Question 2

A Hindu temple is called Panchayatan style when the main temple is surrounded by how many subsidiary temples?

Question 3

The institution of Gotra developed in which period?

Question 4

With reference to the Early Vedic Period, which of the following statements are correct?

1) Mantra and Brahmana are two categories of texts which are included in the corpus of the Vedic literature.

2) The Mantra category forms the core of the Vedic texts.

3) The Brahmanas are prose texts containing the explanations of the mantras as well as the sacrificial rituals.

4) The four Vedas together with their Brahmanas are also known as shruti or ‘hearing’.

Select the correct answer using the codes given below:

Question 5

With reference to the administration and government in Ancient India, consider the following statements:

1) In Vedic period, kingship was most important form of government and the king was the absolute ruler.

2) In Mauryan period, almost all of the India was under one king.

3) The Gupta administration was well organized through the provinces.

Which of the statements given above is/are correct?

Question 6

Which of the following statements with reference to the life in the vedic age is/are correct?

1) Aryans were tribal people and each tribe had its hereditary king or chief.

2) In the sabha, anyone could take part, but the samiti was a smaller assembly of selected people.

3) In the village, the tribe was split into small units called gramas and a group of villages was known as a vis.

Choose the correct answer from the code given below:

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